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Information Guide & FAQ's

For frequently asked questions regarding The World's Big Sleep Out, please read below. 

What is a Sleep Out?

A sleep out is a fundraising challenge that takes place outdoors, over night - without a tent - to raise money and raise awareness for the issue of homelessness. Sleep out events are not intended to mimic or replicate what it is like to be homeless but instead offer a small insight into what it may be like for one night.

When is The World’s Big Sleep Out?

The World’s Big Sleep Out is taking place on Saturday 7th of December 2019 in cities and towns across the world. You should check with the event organiser if you are attending an official event to find out specific timings.

Can I buy a ticket?

It isn’t possible to buy a ticket for The Hutt City Sleep Out our official event: it is only possible to receive entry with a numbered email receipt by after Donating (click Button on the menu strip). The initial donation required to attend an official event is $30 NZ. (min)

Are there any age restrictions? 

By Public Demand there are
NO Age restrictions BUT.....
Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a Parent or Adult.

Can I buy alcohol or bring alcohol with me?

No. Due to the dangers of consuming alcohol and being exposed to overnight conditions, there will be no strictly no alcohol. This will be enforced at it incompatible with the homelessness message of the occassion.

What equipment will I need / what do I need to bring?

Generally, you will need to bring warm and waterproof clothing, a sleeping bag that is appropriate for the overnight temperatures in Hutt City, a hat and a pair of gloves. If you are in a warmer climate, you should dress appropriately and bring an appropriate sleeping bag. You may also wish to bring a camping mat to make things more comfortable. 

Can I bring a tent / will I be sleeping in a tent? 

No. The challenge will be to sleep outside without any cover. Participants will be sleeping with only your sleeping bag and ground sheet for protection. Many people around the country have to do this every night, could you do it once?
If Shower or rain are predicted a small tent will be accepted.

Who is organising the sleep out events?

The World’s Big Sleep Out Trust will be organising the headline events that are taking place in Trafalgar Square, London and in Times Square, New York. In New Zealand - Hutt City
the event is being organised by DestinationHutt a major community events organistation, All other events are being organised independently by local city governments, homelessness charities, or (in the case of Host-Your-Own event) by individuals or small groups. Events are the sole responsibility of the individual organisations/people that are putting on an event but The World’s Big Sleep Out  team in NZ will be offering assistance and guidance

Is there a minimum amount of money that I need to raise? 

There is no minimum fundraising for official events - we simply ask that you raise as much as possible!

What if there is bad weather?

Weather conditions will be monitored in the week leading up to the events and forecasts reported via our website and social media. You must dress appropriately for an outdoor event. If rain is forecast, waterproof clothing and a ground sheet to protect your sleeping bag are essential. Only extreme weather conditions would result in event cancellation and this decision would be made in consultation with local authority public safety and emergency services.

Register to Sleep Out at McEwan Park Petone - Hutt City on Dec 7 - Donate & Register Now! ---- You MUST Donate a Minimum of $30 to Stay after 9pm and Sleep Out ---- This is your Official Admission to the Event --